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Antifreeze Coolant


Castrol Radicool SF is a long-life coolant based on monoethyleneglycol with advanced organic acid inhibitor technolgy. In contrast to traditional antifreeze coolants, Castrol Radicool SF does not contain amines, nitrites, phosphates, silicates or other inorganic inhibitors.

Castrol Radicool SF provides excellent corrosion protection, particularly to those engines employing light metals. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks and buses using both petrol and diesel engines. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in mixed fleets.

Castrol Radicool SF works over a wide operating temperature range for effective engine cooling in all climates.


The special inhibitor package used in Castrol Radicool SF enables longer drain intervals with excellent protection against corrosion, cooling system blockage, overheating and freezing. It is especially suitable for use in engines employing cast iron, aluminium, copper or combinations of these metals used in modern engine designs. It is also compatible with all standard rubber hoses, gaskets and seals used within the cooling system.

Castrol Radicool SF possesses a longer operational life by allowing extended drain intervals of 3 years plus. Longer drain intervals means reduced cost and less possibility of harm to the environment. Castrol Radicool SF provides excellent protection against cavitation corrosion and effective water pump lubrication, reducing wear and noise.

The additive technology used in Castrol Radicool SF prevents the build-up of calcium deposits (scale) from use of hard water, thereby reducing possibility of radiator blocking and restricted flow of coolant. This technology also improves the fluids heat transfer properties ensuring engines run at optimum temperatures.

Castrol Radicool SF is approved by a number of OEM's including Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, MAN and Ford. It is also recommended against the following vehicle manufacturer's specifications: General Motors GM 6277M, Deutz, Cummins IS series and N14 engines,

Jenbacher, Komatsu, Renault Type D, Jaguar CMR 8229 and MTU MTL 5048 Series 2000C&I.

Castrol Radicool SF contains a bittering agent to deter from accidental ingestion.

Conditions of Use

As with most antifreezes, the use of galvanised containers and components should be avoided. This product has a 2 year shelf life when stored in it's original container below 60°C, and undercover protection from hot sun and freezing conditions. Where outside storage is unavoidable, drums should be stored in a horizontal position to avoid the possibility of water ingress. To maintain its performance, Castrol Radicool SF should not be mixed with other coolants. It is recommended that cooling systems should be drained and flushed before refilling with diluted Castrol Radicool SF. Castrol Radicool SF should be diluted between 33% and 50% concentration with deionised/distilled water. For best all round performance, it is recommended that a 50% mixture in water is used. Concentrations higher than 70% volume are not recommended.